Rolex Wrist watches

Whilst there are many manufacturers of fine wrist watches of COSC standard, few have achieved the iconic status and the desirability of Rolex.

The Rolex company as we know it today was formed by Hans Wilsdorf in 1905 and originally based in London. By 1908 Rolex had become one of the leading watch companies in the UK.

Rolex was the first company to be awarded ‘Official chronometer status’ from the ‘Bureau Official’ in Switzerland in 1910. This was to be the first of many accolades awarded to Rolex.

In 1926 the Rolex Oyster was released. The first wrist watch to be considered waterproof.

1931 saw the creation of the Perpetual rotor now seen as the basis for self winding movements. In 1954 Rolex released the Ladydate, the GMT master in 1955 and the first Daydate in 1956. Many other models have since followed. The Sea Dweller in 1967, able to reach depths of up to 1220 meters making it the choice of professional divers, The Explorer 11 in 1978 and Cosmograph Daytona in 1988. The models mentioned and many others have led to Rolex being acknowledged as one of the worlds leading watch brands.

The History Of Rolex

Rolex Submariner

Even by Rolex standards few models have achieved the Iconic status of the submariner. First presented to the public in 1954 at the Basel Fair as model number: 6204. Since 1954 the Submariner has been continually improved whilst retaining much of the DNA established in the original model over 50 years ago.


Today the Submariner which is available in steel, a mixture of steel and gold, and all gold, is seen by many as the quintessential Rolex. Many older models are sought after by collectors and achieve prices which would have been un-thought of at the time of purchase.

Rolex GMT

In short when transatlantic air flights were becoming increasingly available PANAM were looking for a watch to provide to their pilots which displayed accurate times in 2 separate time zones. Thus in 1954 the GMT was born and since, the GMT has gained many fans worldwide.

Rolex Daytona

Originally introduced in 1963 the Daytona has established itself as a legendary model. Many collectors if asked, if you could only retain one watch, they would probably reply, ‘my Rolex Daytona’.


Its almost 25 years since the introduction of the first self winding Daytona since when it has evolved through to the current models. In 1964 Rolex sponsored the annual 24 hour race of Daytona held in Palm Beach, Florida. The race is now known as ‘The Rolex Daytona’.


The Daytona functions differ from many other Rolex models in that it measures time accurately in terms of seconds, minutes and hours using a stop watch facility. There is no date complication. The sum of many changes since the original models have made the Daytona not just a functional tool watch, but an impressive statement piece.

Rolex Sea Dweller

During the 1960’s the requirements of professional divers working at great depths lead to the development of the first ‘ultra water resistant’ tool watches designed to provide safe diving operation at depths greater than 300 meters.


The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Sea Dweller was born in 1967 (model number 1665) and achieved a certified depth rating of 610 meters. Since 1967 the Sea Dweller with its helium escape valve has been continually improved until currently it is named Sea Dweller Deepsea and is capable of working fully at depths up to 3,900 meters (model number 116600). Trully the professionals first choice diving watch but again worn by many as a status piece.


Today any Sea Dweller model is extremely sought after by collectors and wearers. We at At THE CHRONOMETER AGENCY usually have available pre-owned Sea Dwellers available for sale.

Rolex Explorer

The Rolex Explorer is undoubtedly one of the most elegant rugged watches developed by Rolex. Since 1953 the Explorer has long been the choice of the worlds explorers and adventurers.


Rolex Explorers were developed to withstand temperatures down to -20 degrees C and up to 40 degrees C without harming the reliability of the movement. It is generally believed to have been the first watch to get to the top of Mount Everest with Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay.


Until 1979 Rolex made only the model known as Explorer 1, the company announced in 1979 that it was launching the Explorer 2, sporting a brand new case, a date and a dual time function. Both models continue up until today and are very popular. Currently both these models are larger than previous models, the Explorer 1 being 39 mm and the Explorer 2, 42 mm.

Other Rolex Models

There are many other Rolex models that have achieved iconic status in their own right including Yachtmaster, Milgauss, Daydate, Datejust.


Various models come in steel, a mixture of steel and gold and gold only including yellow, rose and white gold. Some people nowadays like to have some sparkle added to the watch they wear. Rolex have increasing produced models to match such demand.

Rolex Movement


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